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Carra Corrib Mask Water Protection Group

The CMC WPG was established in 2000:

'To promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in the Carra Mask Corrib area'

The WG's strategic objects are to:
  1. Influence Government policy with respect to water quality, environmental protection and conservation
  2. Raise awareness and promote environmental sensitivity
  3. Reduce and, where possible eliminate, threats to the ecological integrity of the lakes and their catchments
To meet these objectives, the WPG's programme of activities includes the following components:
  • Responding to pollution events, requests for investigation of problems and intervention
  • Monitoring relevant planning applications and decisions
  • Monitoring progress in implementation of the Water Framework Directive and participating in the WRBD Advisory Council
  • Participating in SWAN
  • Providing information, opinions and ideas for incorporation into WFD catchment management plans
  • Issue press releases, writing articles for newspapers and magazines and providing media interviews
  • Lobbying local and national politicians on key issues
  • Participating actively in all discussion regarding forestry practices
  • Lobbying for improvements with respect to waste water treatment and septic tanks
  • Liaising closely with and providing information to the European Commission